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Make Complete Environment Protection Idea in Label Market 07/08/2012
Label market is one of the most quickly developing packaging printing markets. Especially in recent several years, with the rapid increase of packaging industry and counterfeit industry demand, label market is always keeping high development momentum. Such increasing speed is much considerable in comparison with other packaging printing industries. But, economic development speed is only one aspect to measure industry development quality and sustainable development is another non-negligible appraising factor. Thus, label industry should also pay attention to label environment protection at the same time of ensuring economy development trend.

Green label material, the environment protection label ‘inner beauty'

Environment protection of label printing has two ideas. One is the choice of printing material. This not only embodies in oil selection but in label material itself. Oil is the most critical link of label printing. In label printing oil market, green and environment protective non-benzene oil has become the development mainstream. The benzene soluble oil dominating food soft package all these years would become history. Oil industry in various countries would link with internet and replace traditional oil with environment protective, green and healthy new product thoroughly. It is undoubtedly good news for environment protection in label industry, especially environment protection in food label industry and would have great promoting function.

In the aspect of label material, there is also constant good news. According to industry news report, many companies have begun to go with R&D in label material. Some new, more environment protective label material is gradually coming into being as the time requires. For example, Harlands Label Company recently carries out a type of label material that can biologically degrade in several days after being discarded. This label material adopts BioTA biodegradable adhesive and degradable NatureFlex series facial material. It abides to ENI3432 requirement and has passed relative test successfully.

Green printing method, environment protective label ‘exterior beauty'

Mentioning environment protective printing type, people firstly think of soft edition printing. In European and American advanced countries, soft edition printing has been of much wide application in label. But meanwhile, most labels pay attention to delicate design, splendid color thus are hard to accept soft edition printing type and still take traditional convex printing type as the primary. But with the constant improvement of environment protection consciousness especially in food label printing field, we believe people would necessarily turn their eyes to environment protective printing. For example, recently custom vinyl sticker printing is in great favor.

Environment protective printing has another non-negligible newly generated power except of soft printing that is digit printing technology. With the constant renovation of printing technology, digit printing technology would also gradually enter label printing world. At the beginning of digit printing emergence, it overwhelms traditional printing type by its advantage of environment protection and non-pollution. At the same time, characteristic of short board, small batched, distinguished and timeliness in label printing demand shoulders digit printing technology growing ‘fertile soil' in label printing field quick development. Sticker is a good example of digit printing application such as decal sticker, wall sticker and car sticker. Undoubtedly, digit printing technology application not only effectively relieves damage printing does to environment but help label printing enterprises explore distinctive printing such new fields.

‘Green and environment protection win the future' is a big issue about packaging printing field many industrial experts, learners and enterprises leaders provide. Speak for itself label printing environment protection development is not only the era demand but label industry sustainable development requirement.