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It`s High Time to Practice Green Printing 27/06/2012

Along with the development of the environmental protection currently, the Billboard Printing will certainly to be the priority target of development in the entire printing industry and the related industry. Practice screen printing, be beneficial to the environment, not only the social responsibility of the printing enterprise, but also the inevitable requirement of realizing the sustainable development of printing, nobody can stay out. At the same time, the printing enterprise can reduce the production cost through the energy conservation and reduction of emissions to improve their own competitiveness, it may be said you can have your cake and eat it, we get the environmental protection and benefits a win-win situation.

And what is the pollution that the traditional printing technology brings us?

1. The water pollution.

It mainly come from the corrosion liquid and heavy metal plating liquid and inorganic which is used in the gravure plate making process, the organic in photographic film and the waste liquid in the offset printing plate imaging flush, Banner, which emissions into rivers and lakes directly without treating. It is one of the important causes for causing water pollution and soil pollution.

2. VOC and the printing consumables contain VOC

VOC is some organic compounds can react with nitric oxide in the sun and in the ozone layer. VOC volatile to the ozone can combine with the fine dust particles in the dust and other substances, forms fog and will stimulate human's lungs, bring negative effect to the other biological health.

3. The noise pollution

The printing machine, air compressor, drying equipment and various machines will produce noise. In addition, the cooling tower and binding equipment is also a great noise.

4. The health effects

The evaporation and leakage of chemicals in the printing process will form the stench, which can make you feel headache and nausea.

Therefore, we put forward the concept of green printing in such environment. The green environment problem is a global problem and relates to the human's life and thrive. Protecting the environment is to protect the man himself, the green environmental protection have become an important aspect of our daily life. In the printing enterprise, green printing has been a rapid development, which has already started from the theory shape to enter in the actual production, became the goal of the development. Green printing refers to: the printing mode of don't damage the ecological environment, no threat to human health, and save the consumption of resources.

But how to reduce or avoid the pollution of printing?

I think we can do it from two aspects, one is control from the pollution source, improve the printing technology, for example we can buy the screen printing equipment to develop the screen printing technology for its little waste in producing, can use the photo printing acrylic which is high stability, good gloss, and the theological properties and surface adsorption performance is good. And the other side is management, strengthen the importance of green printing, lets everyone knows, especially entrepreneurs should understand that sustainable development is the key.