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Green Printing Industry, New Fashion of Polluting Industry 20/06/2012

With the development of science and technology, books and papers become less and less. We used to surf the internet and get information. Mobiles phones and ipad become another types of books. However, books still exist. Students need them to have classes and a lot of people still keep the habit of reading newspapers so that printing industry is still a hot industry.

Since sustainable development becomes the theme of the modern world, green is of primary importance. What is green? Green is equal to environmental protection, simply said. Human being has polluted nature seriously and it's our duty to renew it. Nevertheless, green is an important point in printing industry. Billboard Printing includes three parts, which are saving material and least waste, easy to be recovering and reusing, environmental protection. It could lead the whole chain to a green and sustainable state.

Nowadays, green industry has already been a mature technology. As in Germany, green printing has got extraordinary achievements for the nearly ten years: 10% less consuming of energy, 44% less of water consuming, 16% less using of printing ink.

Before printing, Pop Display, preparation is an important part. CTP (Computer-to-plate) is very popular now. It includes four types of plates: IR ablation, hot melt, phase change type, plate base lipophilic type.

What should we focus on about green printing? It's all about using environmental protecting papers and printing ink. Trees are raw material of papermaking, yet, trees are so much important as oxygen producer. We can hardly imagine a world without trees so that paper recovering becomes more and more important. There are three types of environmental protecting papers: Vacuum spray Al paper, light paper and reconstruction paper.

Reconstruction papers, which use waste papers as raw material, minced them and remove colors of them. This kind of paper could save a large amount of raw material, reduce contamination and they are comparatively cheap. Since reconstruction papers are less white, as a matter of fact, they are good to our eyes.

Printing ink is another point of green printing. Traditional ink is usually harmful to our health as well as the environment. New types of ink, for example, photo printing acrylic is much better as it is hydrophilic. Wastes produced during printing mainly are exhaust gas, liquid waste and solid waste. As to exhaust gas, collect it so that it could hardly damage environment and people. Sustainable using of liquid waste is the most useful method to solve problems of liquid and solid waste.

Last but not least, advanced screen printing equipment should be put into research. As we all know, science development is the most important. Only by advanced technology can we solve all the problems and save Mother Nature.