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Green Printing - Environmental Friendly Printing Method 06/06/2012

Throughout history, printing has been highly valued by people all over the world. It is commissioned with the important task of promulgating culture. But at the same time, it is also with heavy pollution. Therefore, an environmental friendly printing method is needed. Green printing is becoming highly valued by insiders.

Green printing is a systematic project. And it covers a lot of aspects including screen printing equipment, all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials such as photo printing acrylic, production environment, management and the environmental awareness of owners. Low-carbon economy is the developing pattern of modern economy. Green printing has become the general trend. Then, how should printing enterprises conduct this project?

First, let's see some pollution sources in printing industry.

1. Air pollution. VOC is the pronoun of air pollution in printing industry. This chemical is near earth atmosphere which contains ozone, and it can stimulate human lung and as a result, bring a lot of negative effects to creatures. Ink, cleaner, oil polish and dust all contain VOC. These substances may volatilize a flavor which can form an offensive smell in enclosed printing workshop. People may feel sick if they work in such an environment for a long time.

2. Noise pollution. Printing machine, air compressor, folding machine and binding equipment can all cause noise. If you put all the facilities in a room, the noise will be stunning and will seriously damage hearing.

3. Water body pollution. Water body pollution mainly results from inorganic substances such as corrosive liquid used in the process of plate making and electroplating effluent from heavy metal.

4. Health pollution. All of the above pollutions may affect health. Another important thing is safety, and bosses of printing industry can never ignore this. There are a lot of potential safety hazards in painting workshops, such as poor ventilating condition, smoking in printing workshop, lack of fire service implement, inappropriate maintenance of screen printing equipment and irregular procedure. Explosion, fire emergency and physical disability can be caused easily.

The above four pollution sources are out of tune with green printing, and they are stumbling blocks in the development of printing industry. We have to look for an outbreak. Green printing is a nice choice.

Here I would like to talk about some improvements concerning the above pollution sources.

1. Air pollution is mainly caused by raw and auxiliary materials. Some enterprises buy cheap consumables in order to make profit and lower cost. The top priority is to develop a new consumable which is environmental friendly, reduce the emission of VOC and improve printing environment.

2. Noise pollution is mainly caused by printing machinery. With the popularization of computer technology, network technique, digital technique and laser technology, screen printing equipment and technology have made speedy development. Major suppliers of printing machinery all over the world advocate conducting the project of green printing. Some facilities which cause big noise should be equipped with silencers.

3. The solution to water body pollution is using pollution-free films and developing advanced plate-making technology. Take CTP technology as an example - this technology is raising people's concern constantly. By using this technology, you can output information into printing plate directly via computer. Therefore, it can reduce the emission of harmful liquid to a large extent and ease the damage to human body and air.

4. In terms of health pollution, printing enterprises should not only implement the above three measures well, but also attach enough importance to enterprise management. With rapid development of economy, market competition is becoming fierce, and enterprise management is playing an essential role. Only with modernized and effective management can enterprises boost competitiveness.

To sum up, green printing can not only bring a better and healthier environment to us but also make us feel the convenience provided by printed matters. At present, countries all over the world are paying more and more attention to energy conservation, cost reduction and safety, therefore, the project of green printing or banner will be conducted without delay!