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Green Printing: a New Industry For Environmental Needs 30/05/2012

What will come to your mind when mentioning the pollution caused by printing? As a matter of fact, sources of primary contamination are printing ink, plastic membrane and so on. With the environment getting worse, there has been an increasingly louder call for environmental protection. Indeed, it's incumbent on typography to change their productive structure, being green technology industries.

To start with, let me make the pollution clearer for you. Take the printing ink as an example. Solvent ink is widely used in the course of printing, some organic and volatile matter of which goes into the in-house air without purification, doing great harm to workers' health. After the poisonous air getting inside human body, it will damage liver and nervous system, which is extremely dangerous to the environment. What's worse, some material can result in accidents if they are not taken seriously, such as photo printing acrylic. When it turns to steam and is mixed with air, explosion will occur when catching fire or high temperature. On the other hand, if we see from the medical point of view, most patients fall victim to chronic poisoning, and the symptoms are usually physical fatigue, anorexia and eyes ache. To deal with the problems, many European countries have taken legal steps like creating strict VOC law related to environmental protection. The law requires that no organic solvent smelt outside the job shop, while concentration of volatile matter shall be lower than 50mg (VOC).

Now you can understand why people attach more and more importance to green printing industries , because it emphasizes the environmental idea of companies and makes great efforts to press ahead energy conservation and circular economy. The first step is to perfecting the legal system, driving uncontrollable industries to follow the mainstream of green production. Then more new print ink should be developed like water-based and UV ink. Various emission is also ought to be collected respectively, and then recycle the reusable resources like paper. To avoid contamination, manufacturers must take every step seriously; including choosing the material like screen printing equipment. What's more, the packaging design should follow the principle of innocuity and ecology.

Governments have defined tasks for environmental authorities while reducing actions with green washing. For example, specific recovery task will be defined in Japan in terms of recycling containers. There's no doubt that green printing is in favor with the general public as it meets man and nature's demand for living harmoniously with the earth.