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The Development of Printing Press 23/05/2012

Printing press is very familiar to us. Printing originates from China. Then the printing is spread out all over the world. Because of having this useful equipment, we can read book, magazine as well as newspaper. Although there are many excellent printing machines like acrylic printing, I wonder what kind of printing machine people used previously. This article will give you some information on its development history.

1. Development of printing machine between 1439 and 1960

The printing machine made of wood was invented by Germany in 1439. This type of printing press has simple structure. But it has been used for 300 years. Then in 1812, Germany designed the flatbed cylinder press. After 35 years America invented the rotary press. Six-color rotary press appeared in 1900. Rubel from America invented the chromograph printer in 1904.

To some extent, the growth of newspapers played an important part in the expansion of the printing industry. Before the 1950s, the traditional printing technology of relief press occupied the main position in printing industry. On the other hand, the technology of relief press made of lead alloy might pollute the environment. And the labor intensity was higher.

On the other side, printing technique continually adopted the electronic, laser technology and information science since 1950s. When in the 1960s, the process of offset lithography began to develop rapidly, because of its higher productive efficiency and less pollution. Accordingly, the aluminum alloy letterpress was gradually replaced by offset lithography. Meanwhile, the soft letterpress, porous printing as well as ink jet printing developed as well.

2. Rapid growth of printing machinery since 1980s

In the early 90s of 20th century, the process of offset printing grew faster. For example, Sheet-fed offset press could print 10000 sheets in an hour. The automatic control of press concentrated on automatic receive paper, Corrugated Plastic Corflute , self-cleaning or automatic testing of ink color during that period. Additionally, the two-color printing press, Banner , single-color printing press or multi-color printing press was widely applied.

In late 20th century, the technology of printing machinery was further improved. Compared with previous press, the speed of new press was much faster. This new type could print 15000 copies an hour. Furthermore, both the automation of press and productive efficiency was increased as well.

The printing machine has developed for over hundreds of years. Its effect of printing, material and function are better and better. Furthermore, the development of printing press plays an momentous part in spreading culture.