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Green Printing Oil Become Food Packaging Enterprise Only Road 18/05/2012

With people daily paying attention to food security, residue and overweight problem of harmful material in food package printing becomes consumer's focus. People call on that enterprises should also pay attention to environment protection problem about packaging material printing at the same time of emphasizing green food production.

Printing oil becomes hidden danger of food package security

Green food consumption has become a trend. But it's discordant that much green food has never adopted green package or green printing but uses some poisonous, harmful material as packaging and printing material instead. Food package is called particular food additive. As the food close-fitting clothes', its security would directory affect food quality. Unqualified food package would cause had influence on human health in using course, especially bringing great hidden security danger to children and teenagers health growth.

In our daily life, it's not difficult for us to discover that many distributors print colorful delicate pictures on food package in order to absorb customers eyeball. But seldom people know that most printing picture oil contains Benzene material that is harmful to human body. Internationally recognized food printing oil must abide to principles that it is non-transfer, regular oil is forbidden in printing food package interior surface, print manufacturer must ensure that solvent in oil after printing be totally volatile off, oil must be thoroughly solidified and that corresponding standards of the application industrial must be reached. Thus, we can see the function oil plays in food billboard printing can't small gaze.

Food package calls for environment protection type printing oil product

To view from printing product production process, oil undoubtedly becomes the 'leading role' in this complete industry train we have to mention. Nowadays, most countries in the world all advocate using environment protective oil, alcohol-soluble ink and water-based ink. Water-based ink is especially more and more propagated and applied as green environment protective oil.

Water-based ink is presently applied in most soft-edition package printing. It is mainly processed into product by combining and grinding water-soluble resin, organic pigments, soluble and relative additive. Water-soluble resin is the link material of water-based ink. It commonly selects water-soluble acrylic as the link material. Thus, it can be applied in acrylic printing. It has obvious advantages in heat resistance, weather resistance, chemicals resistance, pollution resistance and luster. No matter being scartted and dissolved directory or synthesized into high polymer emulsion, it all shows excellent properties. Water-based ink doesn't contain volatile organic solvent which can not only corrugated plastic product residual toxicity but prevent fire caused by electrostatic and flammable solvent contact. It is a type of new green' printing oil.

When environment protection problem daily becomes important, food security has become globally concerned focus and urgent term and also the development criterion of environment protection oil. In today people's environment protection consciousness daily strengthens, demand of higher standard on oil development is provided. Now, oil environment protection has become the trend of the time. Package printing enterprises can adapt to era development trend only when they firmly go green development road.