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Breaking the Chain of Tradition - Acrylic Printing 15/05/2012

Acrylic printing is also named flatbed printing, it is an high-tech non-contact inkjet printing that allows digital images to be printed on the surface of various materials such as metal, pottery, crystal, glass, acrylics, plastics, leathers, clothes, woods and silica gel, etc, being them either soft or hard. One of the most charming advantages of acrylic printing lies in its breaking from the traditional printing, which is restrained in using only papers of particular specifications. Acrylic printing allows printing on materials of a thickness ranging from paper-thin to upwards of 200mm.

In acrylic printing, the patterns, Corrugated Plastic Board / Corflute whether of full-color or extravagant color, can be printed once, without plate-making, printing down, or repeated color process. Not only that, acrylic printing machine is of user-friendly control and stable performance, and also can print out materials of higher quality than the traditional ones, which can meet the needs of mass production of many fields. Thus, it is widely used in silk-screen factory, toy factory, plastic products factory, hardware factory, crystal factory, organic glass factory, and so on.

The ink for acrylic printing is mainly made of acrylic monomers and is of high physical and chemical stability. The tiny color particles in the ink have diameters of 1 micrometer, and contain no volatile organic solvent, and this guarantees that the ink seldom obstructs the spray-head. The stable property of the ink can also protect the spray-head from being corroded. Beside, its color is of strong saturation and wide gamut, which gives the printed images ample colors, vivid effects, wide color range and superior color expressiveness. Acrylic ink is also water-proof, UV-resistant, anti-oxidation, which makes discoloration a rare matter to printed images.

Before billboard printed on by acrylic printer, the materials are subject to some surface treatment that is to spray on the surface a layer of coating which can enhance the effects and adhesive force of the colors while inflicts no impacts on the materials. The effect of color printing is largely influenced by such surface treatment. Coating should be equally and cleanly distributed, otherwise, spots or color bleeding can occur where the ink are absorbed. To keep the coating clean is to prevent the printout from being jeopardized by dusts or other sundries.

However, acrylic printing is not immaculate. As its another name - flatbed printing suggests, it can only print on materials with a flat surface. Such products of irregular forms as cups, bottles, pottery pots, etc, cannot be printed well with an acrylic printer. Acrylic printer is an inkjet printing machine. Thus, if the material is of a curved surface, being the gap of its acme and nadir more than 5mm, the printout will be unacceptable. This phenomenon is just like the sprinkler: the closer to the nozzle, the denser the water drops are; the further, the more scattered. By far, acrylic printer can only print on curved surfaces like phone skin, mobile HDD skin and cassette USB flash disk skin, etc.