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Types of the Printing Machine 09/05/2012

I think most people are very familiar with printing machine. It's used to print word and image. At present, there are many useful printing machines. Screen printing press and acrylic printing machine, for example. But, I wonder how many people distinctly know the printing press. This article will give you some information on types of printing machine. According to the way of pressing, it can be divided into:

1 Platen machine

Both the stamping mechanism and fitted sheet institution are in the shape of plan form. Because printing plate completely contacts with stamping mechanism, so the printing plate bears the bigger total pressure when printing. Accordingly it will spend a longer time printing. On the other side, getting an effect of brightly color and full image.

But there is a limit. This type of printing press is unfit for larger printing format, for its small body, low speed of printing as well as low productive efficiency. So it's suitable for smaller printing format. Such as: greeting card, envelope, book cover, label, etc.

2 Flat-bed cylinder press

Germany invented the flat-bed cylinder press in 1812. Its stamping mechanism is in the shape of cylinder. And the fitted sheet institution is in the form of plan form. This type is different from platen machine in surface of contact. Its impression cylinder contacts with printing plate though strip line. Therefore, the total pressure is smaller. The printing format can be larger. Compared with platen machine, the speed of printing is faster and efficiency is higher.

3 Rotary letterpress machine

Both the stamping mechanism and fitted sheet institution are in the form of cylinder. So the cylinder of stamping mechanism is called impression cylinder. And the cylinder of fitted sheet institution is named plate cylinder. When printing, both the impression cylinder and plate cylinder do the circular motion. This type of printing press has simpler structure. Its speed of printing is higher. Consequently the efficiency is higher as well. Additionally, it can be designed into central cylinder type press. Then it will become a high efficiency printing press.

In 1439, Germany designed the relief press made of wood. With the improvement of technique, the function of printing press is more and more perfect. Moreover, its operating performance becomes automatic, digitized as well as networked. By the reason of having the printing machine, Billboard printing ,we can read the magazine, books as well as newspaper. Meanwhile we may learn some knowledge though the words.