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The Main Applications of the Screen Printing 25/04/2012

Screen printing is not only adapted to the general paper printing. It has a rather wide adaptability in terms of usage. Screen printing enjoys an extensive application. Each kind of material can be treated as the target of the screen printing except for water and air, including other liquids and gases. Someone has commented on the screen printing as follows if you would like to find a perfect way of printing and make your printing goal realized, then it may probably be the screen printing.

Specifically, screen printing is applied in the following aspects. Firstly, it is the paper printing, including the fine art printing, advertising, Corrugated Plastic Board / Corflute pictorial, calendar, lantern paper and so on. The printing of trademarks, the transferring printing, packaging and the printing of building materials are also included. Secondly, it comes to the plastic film in the plastic printing. For example, the vinyl toys, bags, plastic bags and so on. It also includes the plastic standard disk, namely the fake metal composite materials and a variety of standard disk, and the production parts, which are pieces of apparatus. Thirdly, screen printing is also applied in the printing of wood crafts, such as the lacquer ware, wooden handicrafts, toys and so on. The semi-finished products such as the sports goods, wood, ceilings, signage, signs, fake metal pull and billboards are also included. Fourthly, it is the turn of the printing of metal products, including metal tube, metal containers, metal products. Fifthly, the screen printing also sees a great application in glass, ceramic products, Billboard printing , glass, Banner such as a mirror, glass, cups, bottles and so on. It is also applied in ceramics, including utensils, handicrafts. Sixthly, signs, text panels, dials, forming items also witness great application of the screen printing. Seventhly, it comes to the circuit board printing, printed circuit boards, civil or industrial substrates, thick film integrated circuit boards and cold light film. Eighthly, it is the turns of dyeing, printing and dyeing - banner, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, hosiery.

There is no doubt the application of screen printing can be better if a rotary screen printing machine could be invented. Under such circumstance, the screen printing machine would be more efficient. In addition, if the squeegee pressure, speed and angle parameters can be read and controlled, better results would be achieved. At the same time, there are still improvements which can be made to carry on repeated production according to the procedures and to use correctly the production data no matter before the printing or in it.