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The Introduction to Screen Printing 18/04/2012

Screen printing stems from China. Until now, it has been more than 2,000 years of history. chengzhi printing came out in Qin and Han Dynasties. Then it was very popular in Donghan Dynasty, and the level of printing was very high. In the Daye reign of Sui Dynasty, people started to use the frame which was tensed skin screen for printing, and then the technic of chengzhi Printing became screen printing. According to historical records, the fancy clothing which the persons in the palace of Tang Dynasty was printed through this kind of method. Screen printing had new progress. It improved the oil-dope and started to add starchy powder into dye to make the dye to be slurry, which make the production more colorful and flowery.

Billboard printing was a great invention of China. America Screen Printing magazine spoke of Chinese Screen Printing like this: There is evidence to prove that Chinese used horse mane and mold 2000 years ago. The clothing in the beginning of Ming Dynastic proved their competitive mind and machining technic. The invention of Screen Printing contributed to the development of world human being material civilization. Today, Screen Printing is developing perfectly, and playing an indispensable role in human life.

Screen printing has the advantages of mass production, low price, bright colors, long storage life and quick delivery, Corrugated Plastic Board / Corflute ,so it was accepted by more industries and used widely. It is widely applied in the electronic panel of electric appliance, the pattern of textile, T-shirt, pattern in the shoes, refrigerators, television, the words on the panel of washers, decoration on the ceramics, glasses and bricks, high-class packing boxes, packing bottles, cigarette boxes in packing industry, it has close relationship with our life. At present, its technic is mainly controlled by many printing factories, while small and individual printing technic's initiation is rare at home, it has great market.

Screen printing is supposed to keep high speed to develop, and its technic will be gradually improved, its industrial scale will expand. Authority forecast that the ratio of the gross value of the future world screen printing to printing industry will increase to 10%. Beyond all doubts, Chinese screen printing is breeding bigger developing zone and potential market. To 2005 year, China will be the biggest screen printing market. Chinese screen printing will develop to depth and width. Depth means higher level, international screen printing already was applied in advanced technology like computer's design, plate making, electric engraving and drawing etc, while China is still in trial study stage of these new technologies. Width means to develop new screen printing production as the large outdoor advertisement.