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Application and Continuance of Screen Printing in Modern Life (part one) 30/03/2012


Originated in China, and developed in the west, screen printing is both an old and young technology. As a kind of artistic form, it fully embodies the idea of coexistence and harmony of art, mutually intertwined with life. Using silk screen as base material, screen printing is a type of porous printing technology with the aid of Yin and Yang type. In daily life, printing and dyeing fabrics, backpack design, wallpaper, T-shirts graphic design and signs of various kinds of products and so on, are mostly embodied through the screen printing.

In the modern life, the application of screen printing is very wide. From the point of view directly, visual sense is the main way to experience, own and enjoy life. The deepest reason of human beings' need for visual culture is mainly decided by the basic status and important role of visual experience in human life. To be specific, screen printing is mainly used in the following aspects:

Enterprise culture field

Due to the progress of times and science and technology, people's thought begins to obtain liberation. The improvement of aesthetic consciousness of social public, the extensive application and dissemination of screen printing technology, the rise of rock and hippie movement in the 60s, together make T-shirts become the most popular clothing in this period. T-shirts then have another property: many placards and graphics printed before chest, expressing the aspiration and attitude of people, so many manufacturers start producing masses of T-shirts with some publicity slogans and graphics printed before chest in succession. Therefore, wordage and graphics on T-shirts mostly have relation with music in the 60s.