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The advantages of screen printing 23/03/2012


People needs for new trend in apparel are growing faster. Everyone likes to wear something unique from others. So the best trend for you is the screen printing in Sacramento. Now the screen printing is done on apparels with your own design. But do you know how does screen printing work on apparels? Well these are quite simple to work on. The things you need for these are screen printing system, creativity and appropriate fabric. The screen printing is very famous and is seen more these days. Now you can also print custom apparel printing in Sacramento on online. You can find many varieties of designs online and these saves your time and effort. The technique for cheap banner printing in Sacramento is listed below.

The first equipment needed for printing is the design. You can either create your own design or you get designing books at shops. Once you have selected your design they need to make a screen for your design. These contains a finely nylon fabric as mesh which is surrounded by a frame of wood. The design is engraved on the screen. These screens are placed on the material and soy based ink is poured on the screen. They give a smooth effect by rolling a sponge roller over the screen. These rollers also remove the extra ink from the screen. After printing make sure that they allow the fabric to dry at least for a day. These can also be tried at home. But you need to be very careful other wise you will spoil the fabric.

But now screen printing is done more easily with the help of machinery. These are more beneficial than printing by hand. These printers have more control than printing by hand. The printing services in Sacramento offer an option for auto - matching ink. The printer allows all the color to print with the help of auto matching ink where as you have to mix the color by your self. If there is a shortage of ink while printing you have mix again and there is possibility of not getting the same color again. Where else the printer doesn’t have these kinds of problems. The screen printing printer allows printing multi color designs on apparel very easily. These can be printed on any flat surface. It doesn’t require any table or counter. Now you can be benefited in many ways by either using coroplast printing or custom vinyl sticker printing.

The advantages of screen printing are:

1     These are very economical because these can print many fabrics in no time.

2     These are very much cost effective method and are also less expensive.

3     The color does not fade easily because screen printing makes them tough and sturdy.

4     These are the more ideal in investing for long time.