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Choose Corrugated Packaging to Protect Your Product 06/05/2013
Corrugated packaging is the material of choice when it comes to shipping and is used in over 90% of all plastic corrugated boxes and packaging containers produced. Corrugated packaging material is easy to spot and typically consists of one rippled sheet sandwiched between two flat sheets. Next time you have a product shipped to your home or business, check out the walls of the box it is delivered in. Are they thicker than a single, paper-thin sheet of cardboard? Do the walls have a slightly padded feeling to them? If so, chances are the walls of the box are made with corrugated cardboard.
Businesses across a wide range of industries use corrugated packaging to protect their products. For example, farmers use corrugated packaging to transport fruits and vegetables that may be easily bruised or damaged. Depending on the produce needing to be shipped, a removable plastic or waxed liner which serves as a moisture barrier may be added to the container. Manufacturers use corrugated containers to ship fragile products, or place corrugated cardboard liners, known as dividers, between fragile items such as pottery or glassware to provide additional product protection. Printing shops use them to ensure that the paper materials do not become creased or develop bent or folded edges during transportation. In some cases, businesses will provide consumers with corrugated packages to return products that they don't want or are damaged so as to minimize any further damage. Corrugated packaging is not just for business use. Individuals often use corrugated packaging to protect fragile or perishable items they are shipping to friends and family members. You have many options to choose from when selecting the design of your corrugated box such as the size of box you want, how much room you want for further padding between your product and the inside of the plastic corrugated carton box, and if you need a corrugated divider to allow you to layer your items or keep them firmly in place so they don't rattle or jostle against one another.
From fragile exotic flowers to refrigerators and furniture, corrugated packaging can safely protect the product from manufacturer to end-user. Whether it's small and delicate or huge and heavy, there's a corrugated product that can be designed and constructed to fit your every need. Corrugated packaging materials are easy to find and can be purchased in bulk for further cost savings, and are easily recycled which makes them a very green choice when it comes to helping save the environment. If you need a container that provides versatility, strength, cost effectiveness and can easily be recycled, than you know corrugated is the only way to go!
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