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Maximize the Use of Corrugated Plastic Boxes to Save Money 02/05/2013
Corrugated plastic boxes are one of the integral components in the packaging industry. The plastic corrugated boxes have overshadowed the use of corrugated paper boxes. Corrugated plastic is much stronger than corrugated paper and resistant to the chemicals, so it allows the chance to clean it with soap and water and also to reuse. The best part is that as it is corrugated plastic and has no relation with paper, so it does not give away fiber like paper corrugated, which makes it the perfectly suitable packaging medium for Chemical, Electrical appliances and Edible stuffs. More and more companies are now opting for corrugated plastic not only to meet their packaging requirements but also for the purpose of dunnage, which earlier was done using wood, steel, heavily- layered foam etc. In such boxes, the internal fluting can be made stronger by using steel rods, which serves to increase its stacking strength.
These boxes are not stronger and sturdier, but also cost effective, as they are reusable, so the maximization of their usage will automatically enable your company to save large amount on the packaging front. Because they are stronger yet lightweight, so through these boxes the companies figured out a way to reduce the weight of their material supporting packages, which proved to be cost-effective as well, as it almost rendered the use of steel redundant. Being said all those things, it is still imperative to know about the way you can save some more bucks while going to buy corrugated plastic boxes in bulk to satisfy the packaging need of your business:
1. Try to buy corrugated plastic boxes of varied style to meet your packaging demand. Before you place order for these boxes in bulk, make sure it has all the features you might need. You can ask your supplier for samples, as that would practically explain whether the box can fulfill your specific demand. 2. Remember that the corrugated boxes are available in variety of thickness which range from 2mm to 13mm. If you feel that thinner corrugated plastic can serve your purpose then going for thicker version will be foolish, as it will definitely increase your expenses. 3. Another way of saving money while purchasing these boxes are to check if the supplier has corrugated plastic sheets in stock. If the stocked material meets your requirement, you better ask him to make boxes out of that raw material, which will bring your expenses considerably down.
4. If you have a plan to make boxes out of the corrugated sheets, ask the supplier to find sheet of proper size. If the stock sheets do not match the size that you need, then you might need to carry some additional expense of having the sheets die cut. 5. You can easily apply printed label on the plastic corrugated carton boxes, instead of having the label printed on them. These printed labels on the boxes look pretty and do not get marred that quickly.
Corrugated plastic boxes are the next best thing which has great usages in the reusable packaging industry. Besides its packaging purpose, it has various other uses that attests to its growing popularity as a packaging medium and establishes its claim to popularity on a stronger basis.
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