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Most Popular Methods Used for Closing Corrugated Boxes 26/03/2013
Corrugated boxes are commonly used for packaging and transporting goods. Industries like cosmetics and healthcare mainly use these plastic corrugated box for packaging goods safely. To meet the demands of consumers around the globe corrugated boxes manufacturers are trying hard to improve their processes to deliver quality products within minimum possible time. In this endeavor, the manufacturers are focusing on different aspects that make boxes sturdier and safer. While designing methods and quality of material helps in manufacturing sturdier boxes, ways used for packaging boxes help in enhancing security. Some of the most common ways of closing boxes are mentioned below.
1.Use of Adhesive Adhesive which is commonly referred to as glue is the cheapest and most commonly used method for closing corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes manufacturers use adhesive for closing boxes so that they can hold products inside it. Despite the widespread use of adhesive, it has a serious disadvantage associated with it. Adhesive or glue takes long to dry and may affect early delivery of order. 2.Use of Staple Staple is another common and cost-effective way for closing boxes. Usually made from metal, this fastener can join materials pretty easily. The limitation with this method is it can be used for closing small boxes only. Boxes manufactured for packaging heavy goods cannot be closed using staple.
3.Use of Tape Just like adhesive and staple, manufacturers use tape for closing boxes. Box-sealing tape or parcel tape is usually the first choice of manufacturers. It is quite strong and you can easily rely on it. However, it is pressure sensitive and one has to be careful while using it during the manufacturing process. Another option available in the category of tapes is filament/strapping tape. It is used widely in packaging industry and again makes a good choice for closing corrugated boxes.
4.Shrink Wrap Shrink wrap is the most advanced technique used for closing corrugated boxes. Under this method, a film made from polymer plastic is placed over the area to be joined. Afterwards heat is applied over the area so that the film contracts. By far, this method is known to be the most reliable method for closing coroplast lows. Manufacturers providing the facility of custom packaging boxes give their clients the choice at various points. If you want boxes of a particular kind, contact the manufacturer and explain your requirements. From shape to closing method, manufacturers can make alterations here and there with ease.
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