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Clutching national policy opportunities for printing companies to explore the opportunity for development 14/03/2013
U.S. financial crisis led world economic downturn, China's economy is also showing signs of recession. In order to ensure stable and healthy economic development, the state has adopted a series of policies and measures to support the industry. Low-profit era veterans of the pp coroplast sheet printing industry, the baptism of the crisis after more miserable, but, fortunately, the national development opportunity to lend a helping hand for the printing industry.
Exports to domestic sales, seeking a way out Rising labor costs, foreign exchange losses and cash flow problems become a major bottleneck to hinder the development of the printing companies. Especially export packaging business based in the printing business, no doubt is the biggest victim. Costs and profits race, enterprise and customer game market transfer will become a powerful measure to fend for packaging printing enterprises.
The face of the economic crisis. Strong central government introduced the policy of expanding domestic demand. 2010 years ago to invest 4 trillion to expand domestic demand. Government support efforts to increase loans to SMEs, as well as printing and printing equipment companies import tariff rate adjustment. Also a strong impetus to the development of the printing industry. Reduce tariffs on imported equipment In the current economy, increasing pressure on the situation, to prevent the rapid decline in exports, and create a good environment is essential for the development of foreign trade. October 21, 2008, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation issued the "Notice on the improvement of the export tax rebate rate of some commodities", on ll May 1, 2008, due to increase labor-intensive and high-tech, high value-added commodity export tax rebate rate. Some of the publications and paper stationery export tax rebate rate will be raised to 13% and ll%. First, paper stationery, after the export tax rebate rate of 5%, 7%, and now up to 11%. Publications, after the export tax rebate rate ranging from 11% and l3% to 13% now.
The increase in tax rebates many export enterprises will become the "life-saving silver bullets", not only improve the net profit rate of enterprises export, thereby reducing the outlet pressure, but also to ease the tight liquidity situation in some enterprises. Apply for interest subsidies, grants access to January 27, 2008, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "2007 imports of discount capital reporting work." Provisions may apply for discount capital imports in 2007, part of the equipment.
Active coordination of the General Administration of Press and Publication, three kinds of offset printing press can apply for interest subsidies, were newspapers with web offset presses, commercial web offset presses, sheetfed offset press. According to industry experts, the three offset press is the most widely used in the printing of publications, the most important position of press, but also imports a large proportion of the printing equipment and the amount of imports. According to customs statistics, in 2007, the sheet-fed presses imports ll35 imports amounted to $ 728,000,000, web printing presses imported 114 imports amounted l.46 billion dollars, the total imports of the two types of equipment imports accounted for of 60%. In addition, a wide range of applications in the packaging and printing industry, die-cutting machine may also apply.
The import discount standard is: calculate the interest subsidy on imports as a principal, the discount rate is not higher than the one-year lending rate of the the the interest subsidy liquidation of the People's Bank of China released the latest issue of RMB. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce to determine the discount factor, the annual total discount capital approved interest subsidy amount.
For the lower price of the printers, rising raw materials, rising labor costs, the plastic corrugated box enterprises under the multiple pressures of corporate finance difficulties, the implementation of the policy of import discount businesses receive up to imports of 6% to 7% discount capital; rate of 28.7% with a discount rate of 6% to 7% of enterprises imports about 35% of the amount of the subsidy can be obtained. In addition, through the offset of the imports, the domestic printer manufacturers can also learn advanced foreign technology. Improve their own equipment, is very beneficial for the technological transformation of enterprises.
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