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Take Advantage Of A Banner Printing Service 05/03/2013
Your once-a-year back to school promotion is the strongest week of your fiscal year - even stronger than the week between Christmas and New Years. Usually you do not have supplemental funds to sink into advertising, but it is apparent to you that if you are going to invest the extra money anywhere it is going to be for your back to school promotion.
Last year you submitted brochures in the community circulars, and you felt that they had an impact on your overall sales. This year you have decided to purchase two big banners for the outside of the store, one on each side of the entrance, and a third vinyl banner for the main aisle of the shop. You've got the contact information of a very good banner screen printingservice from the proprietor of the store next to you, and when you logged in yesterday to check out their vinyl banner sizes and prices you were pleased to tell the truth. They had an impressive vinyl banner design software installed on their web page which should allow you to layout and order your custom banners very easily. Now it is merely a matter of working out what to say and how best to say it.
It ought to be catchy and evocative. You never really had a name for your back to school sale; you always simply thought of it as your back to school promotion. Last year you tried Benny's Back To School Blowout Bonanza simply so that you'd have something to put on the brochures. You are not entirely happy with that, and so you have asked employees to come up with something better and have gone so far as to make it a little contest. You want a name that is going to be catchy, so that individuals will commit it to memory if they glance at the banner from the street. It shouldn't try to convey too much information. You don't want to pack too much information on the banners, even though they are going to be quite large. You merely want to get across that it is an annual event and that the discounts are good and around for only a limited time.
It should not be overly specific if you plan to reuse them. It occurs to you that, if you keep specific dates off of the banners, you may well be able to reuse them for a few years. You're considering using the text THIS WEEK ONLY. Vinyl is a strong and durable material, and you could easily roll them up and store the banners in your backroom until next time the sale rolls around. In addition, if the vinyl banners from this banner printing service are going to last you for a few years, then you can properly afford to look at larger more expensive banners.
It ought to be very easy to read. You understand that you wish to make sure the text is easy to read and the colors, though bold, aren't too hard to look at. Your understanding is that individuals ought to be able to read the banners at a glance just walking by. Ordering custom banners from an big size banner printing service has never quite so easy. The prices are totally affordable, the turn around time is extremely quick and the vinyl banners ship straight to your door by way of a courier. What could be simpler than that? Breathe a little extra life into your yearly back to school bonanza with bold easy to read custom banner.
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