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Plastic Badge Holders - What You Must Know Before Buying Them 05/01/2013
If you own a business, you will realize the need of plastic badge holders. For most indoor jobs, the cheap banner printing is the perfect one as it will protect the badge from bending or getting distorted. These are available in bulk and at very cheap prices too and after some time you can easily replace them too.
These are available in various sizes and the materials can be PVC, PEVA, PET, ABS, or PS. These plastic holders are ideally suited for advertising purposes, office and school events and for trade shows. You can even get them custom printed with the logo of your business and details of the event. They provide these with badge clip or a neck lanyard.
There are many kinds of colors and designs and even the design can be customized by inquiring at online sites. You can buy these in bulk and they are transparent, opaque or translucent material. Regular sizes are available but you can have customization of sizes too. It also comes with various attachments.
Plain designs are offered by many manufactures at their online stores, but you can select the colored and designed ones too in order to align with the company's image. The straps are good quality ones and come with sturdy pins.
You can even consider this as corporate gifts for customers as they can use it for holding their id cards. There are two main types of plastic holders - the soft plastic and the hard plastic. There are also some that are made with combined materials such as plastic and stainless steel. The hard plastic badge holders are molded and made of rigid plastic. Many online shops offer these in both vertical and horizontal orientation. They provide them with side load and slots as well as chain holes. You can buy in bulk with 100 or 200 in a pack and avail of discount prices from online suppliers.
At many online stores you will also be able to find clear hard ps silk creen printing with Anti-UV index which also have cutout thumb notch with a key ring, so that you can easily insert or remove the badges. They are also provided with plastic tabs inside the holder which prevents the card from falling out. These are ideal for school and college students.
All online shops provide details of the outer dimensions of the holder along with the maximum insert size. Some of printing peva even provide two chain holes so that one can be attached to a lanyard and another to any other attachment device. You can even customize the lanyards or buy the conventional ones.

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