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Top rated 3 Positive aspects of Screen Printing 04/12/2012
Being sort of stencil printing, cheap banner printing, together with relief printing, intaglio printing and lithography printing, is deemed because the 4 significant printing strategies in the present printing industry. The stencil printing performs from the pressure on the printing plate to make the printing ink by means of the holes on the plate about the printing stock, forming photos and patterns same together with the original ones. At the present time, screen printing is widely applied for your printing of flag banner, billboard printing, turn up display, hanging card along with other products. Balanced with other printing technology, screen printing functions itself for the following advantages.
Sturdy Adaptation Ability
Various sorts of printing inks might be used by screen printing, irrespective of oleophobic, hydrophilic, resin or powder ink. More importantly, screen printing could be applied on diverse shapes of printing stock, like curved, international or men and women surfaces. Screen printing also performs effectively for different quality of surface, soft surface such as paper and textile or hard surface including glass and porcelain. Due to this superb feature of screen printing, it really is extensively applied for your printing of expand display, pop display stand and also other several flags and banners.
Powerful Three-dimension Effect
Usually, the thickness of the printing ink for relief printing is normally 5μm and therefore of intaglio printing is approximately 12μm. However, the thickness of the printing ink for screen printing gets nearer around 30μm. The thickness creates robust 3 dimension effect and rich texture impression, which other printing technologies can't realize. What's far more, there isnt only black printing but more colorful printing for screen printing.
Strong Light Resistance
The mixture is perfectly from the printing ink for screen printing is very easy. Another outstanding function of screen printing is this : we're able to add light resistance materials into the printing ink. Therefore, there is always huge edge for screen printing when considering light resistance. In keeping with practical experience on your comparison of the ranges of maximum density about the coated paper, the top density of relief printing is 1.6, intaglio printing 1.8, although that on the screen printing really is as high as 2.0. Consequently, screen printing is of upper and stronger light resistance capacity, so it really is far more suitable for your printing of outside ads and signs for example billboard printing and turn up display printing.
The 3 outstanding characteristics of high fineness lampshade printing , collectively because of its less expensive, enable screen printing that they are one of the most frequently applied printing engineering in terms of of the printing of several goods and outdoor ads.
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