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Environmental Sticker Provides Human Beings with Greener Life 22/10/2012
You may find that there are many kinds of stickers all around the world, such as the wall sticker, car sticker, decal sticker, etc. It seems that the sticker has become an important part of our daily lives. But the widespread use of sticker could also cause environmental problems which need to be solved immediately. So the outdated stickers must be replaced by new environmental-protection materials in order to decrease the pollution as much as we can. Since sticker is supposed to be one of the indispensable stuff in our lives, custom vinyl sticker printing sounds like a great idea for all of us. Now, let's discuss how to use the stickers in a green way.

First, The Ink on the Sticker Must be Harmless
As is known to all, wall sticker could do a great help to promote productions. To some extent, sticker will make the advertisements look more attractive. But sticker could also bring some problems. For example, the abandoned sticker will definitely cause environmental pollution since the ink on the sticker is not degradable. This is the reason why more and more countries begin to develop new materials in order to create the harmless ink, such as vinyl sticker. According to the relevant reports, vinyl sticker printing has been widely used in wall sticker and car sticker today. In my view, only by using harmless ink can we use the sticker in a green way.

Second, The Gum Water Should Also be Environmental
As one of the necessary parts of sticker, the gum water should be also paid more attention. You know, people all around the world are advocating low-carbon lifestyle in recent years. And if we care more about the details of our lives, environmental problems will be finally solved. For example, the gum water that we use to paste stickers should be completely environmental-protection, or many places will be polluted since stickers are used everywhere.

Third, The Sticker Should be Recycled
In this era of lacking of resources, reclamation will do a great help to support the low-carbon objective. But not all decal stickers can be recycled due to the special chemical constitution. Today, more and more people choose custom vinyl sticker printing since vinyl sticker can be reused and recycled. I do believe that we all want to live in a green society which has no pollution at all. So let's choose the environmental sticker instead of other materials.

From what has been discussed above, do you have any idea of using all kinds of stickers in a green way?