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Environmental Revolution Looms in Sticker Printing Industry 15/10/2012
In recent years, environmental revolution is looming in the sticker printing industry. This is partly because louder calls for environment protection among the general public and partly because printing enterprises are attaching greater importance to their social commitment concerning environment protection. Leading printing enterprises, while providing regular printing services, are also striving to find environmental solutions for the replacement of their old products ranging from soft packaging to digital stickers.
For example, major improvement has been made in the production of printing ink. Now stickers printed with soybean ink, water-based ink, recyclable ink and biodegradable ink are widely available in the market. Comparing to the traditional stickers, these stickers are more environment-friendly because they are printed with new-type inks which don't give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Therefore, the impact of these so-called green stickers on environment and the atmosphere is reduced to a large extent. Label-Impression, a leading green sticker provider in US, even developed stickers and packaging film whose material is maize. According to the company, such stickers and packaging film could be recycled to produce fertilizer after being disposed. Now, this printing company has lots of clients coming from various sectors such as foodstuffs, beverage, pharmaceuticals and home cleaning. Its success seems to imply that it has become a viable way to produce degradable printing ink with natural materials such as maize.  
Besides printing enterprises, the government of countries throughout the world is also making endeavors. In EU and US, the regulations and rules concerning environment protection are further strengthened to compel printing enterprises to put larger investment on the R&amp;D of new green stickers. It is against this background that vinyl sticker becomes a popular choice for wall sticker and car sticker. Custom vinyl sticker printing is now major business of printing companies as vinyl printing is used for so many purposes ranging from decal decoration, wall decoration to the decoration of electronic gadgets. Many people now use decal stickers to ornament the walls in their houses. This is because decal sticker is much cheaper than wood and high-quality ceramic tile and it is environment-friendly.
To sum it up, we can expect that more and more green sticker products will be produced in the future because this is the only way for printing companies to stay in competition. It is believed that this environmental revolution will turn a new leaf over the development of printing industry.