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Traditional Packaging Industry Must Go Green Printing Road 08/10/2012
With the development of environment protection trend, green printing would necessarily become the foremost goal of whole printing industry and relative industries. But green printing is a system engineering involving many aspects such as printing machinery, instrument and various raw or auxiliary materials, printing enterprise production environment and technological process, countries environment protection policy, personnel especially manager green consciousness, customer and even terminal consumer acceptance. The development &lsquo;short board' in whichever link would affect whole industry greening process.
In the early 1990, America has passed FCAAA. The complete environment protection decrees and measures all make green printing slowly penetrate deeply into people's mind. To view other countries, green printing is gradually gaining professional personage attention. It's quite necessary to stipulate legislations on green printing and designate relative environment protective laws on printing industry at proper time. How to realize green printing has become printing industry historical responsibility and is consumer future necessary requirement, also whole world printing industry development trend.
With constant change of social demand, packaging industry is more and more focused by people. The machinery, medicine, textile, telecommunication, appliance, instrument and other various fields all can't leave it. Thus, in the transition stage of global printing enterprises, they must grasp the opportunity and act from green package for stronger power.
Green, low carbon, environment protection' would be the main axis of future various industries development. Green package would become worldwide packaging industry development theme and distinctive characteristic. Package printing enterprise should try to select environment protective oil, paper, glue such non-polluted or little polluted raw and auxiliary material and study on propagating new printing process and technology such as photo printing acrylic and screen printing equipment catering to environment protection requirement. Green package is not only world packaging industry trend but the necessary road of various countries packaging industry development.
To view from printing enterprises self development, three wastes such pollution source traditional printing enterprise produces in traditional printing enterprise production would directly lead to surrounding region environment deterioration and bring health damage to production line worker. No matter management on deteriorated environment or color management on curing personnel harmed body all would directly or indirectly add printing enterprises relative cost, doing harm to printing enterprises long-term development. For printing enterprises participated or intent to participate in international competition, environment protection is more a &lsquo;threshold' problem enterprises must face and practically solve.
Now matter to view from long-term benefit or short-term benefit, Billboard Printing is all beneficial to printing enterprises development. Only each printing enterprise all take on the environment protection obligation and responsibility, can whole country and even global environment protection action be practically executed and become the direct and long-term beneficiary. Whether or not printing enterprises in various countries would go abroad and participate in international competition, they should all accelerate solving enterprises self pollution problem in production.