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Making Green Printing the Only Trend in Printing Business 17/09/2012
Well, we are living in 2012 now. Obviously, it is not the end of the world. The earth is not like that in the movie &lsquo;2012'. But, as we all know, the most frequent word people mentioned or heard is environmental protection. In the past decades, people have not realized that printing business had a major problem which was doing harm to the environment. With more and more people having this knowledge to protect our earth, so green printing is the hottest topic people said these days. But it is still dropped behind by European countries by almost thirty years in developing countries. Green printing needs urgent development.
Speaking of green printing, I think I should mention screen printing technology. It is some kind of fashion now. In the future, screen printing equipment will be normal in printing business. It is the sign to pursue high quality. When we observe all of the printing technology, it is not hard to discover that screen printing technology is the most safety and trustable one. But in the process of screen printing, there will be lots of contaminants left behind. No matter the contaminant is air, solid or liquid, it definitely make damage to the local environment. If we want the screen printing technology to develop in the long run, some non-pollution production process is urgently needed. One process is the usage of acrylic resin in printing ink. Comparing with the traditional printing ink, water-soluble acrylic has some advantages in saving energy source, protecting environment and safety usage. Also, the water-soluble acrylic resin paint is the major trend in paint business. Put acrylic in printing ink is a popular way to reduce damage to the environment. Photo printing acrylic is widely used now. Using acrylic in photo printing process will give you a brand new feel when you are looking at your photos and artworks. More importantly, it is one hundred percent safe when you touch it.
As a highly pollution business, printing business will confront more challenges. Seeing from the world wide, developing countries should learn from western countries and introduce new technology in printing business. Each country should develop high technology actively and share it with other countries. We only have one earth. Let's make environmental protection the common duty. Just on the basis of that, our human people will get everlasting development. Green printing should play a leading role under the circumstance.