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Shanghai Uniso Printing Co., Ltd specializes in screen printing with high quality at low pricing and enjoys a high worldwide customer loyalty, its partners including Colgate, Coca-Cola, LG, Adidas, etc. The company is also rated as one of Top Ten Internet Business by Alibaba.
  • Shanghai Word Expo:

    The company managed successfully the printing of rolling doors at the volunteer station in 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Printing drawings on a curved surface of over 2 meters long is a big difficulty that many can't solve before the clients found us. We made slight changes with some other equipment since ordinary screen printing alone won't deal with the problem. After days and nights of hard thinking and work, we finally came out with samples that the clients recognized.

    Thus we become one of printing enterprises for World Expo licensed products with lots of our works on show in the Expo Park. We are honored to make contributions to the World Expo. It is our innovation and courage in solving technical difficulties that enable the success. Doing what other dare not is the key of gaining prosperous growth for the company.

  • Coca-Cola:

    The Coca-Cola Company had been looking for those who can print on high-quality iron panels and we stand out among many in solving color fade and paint drop. With profound experience in metal printing and recognized quality and price by Coca-Cola, we became one of verified printing suppliers of Coca-Cola in 2007 and has since printed many products for it. We provide fine printing at low pricing to win the favor of Coca-Cola and get orders worth millions of RMB.

  • B&Q:

    We successful become one of the supplier of the famuous furniture shopping Mall of B&Q in march 2013. B&Q is looking for a high quality silk screen printing supplier who can meet the environment friendly and long time no fadefor outdoor printings. We use the PP materials corflute to make samples for B&Q testing. Due to our high quality, bright and clear colors so that we get the passed to be the outdoor barrier supplier for B&Q.